Tuesday 28th April 2020

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Non-dispersable gatherings
We hereby "sternly clarify" that the Police and Secretary for Justice are wrong to claim that groups of 4 standing more than 1.5 metres apart constitute a single gathering if they have a common purpose. The Group Gathering Regulation allows for multiple, non-dispersable gatherings and contain no reference to the purpose of participants. We also show how to optimise use of available space. (28-Apr-2020)

COVID-19: where do we go from here?
HK is essentially clean: data indicate the latest community transmission was 24 days ago. A potential travel network of clean quarantined countries is emerging, but many others are pursuing a mitigation approach, flattening the curve but leading to the likely premature death of 0.5% of their populations unless interrupted by a vaccine or treatment. We find lessons to be learned from HK's early mistakes. HK should maintain its quarantine and its people should now be free to enjoy their city. (27-Apr-2020)

CPG interference: HK's Ministry of Truth on Article 22
In an act straight out of George Orwell's 1984, the HK Govt's news agency has been caught modifying and backdating a press release to comply with the Central People's Government's Liaison Office view that it is not a CPG department and not subject to Article 22 of the Basic Law. It actually makes no difference: if the CPG itself interferes in matters which are within HK's autonomy under the Basic Law, then it undermines "Two Systems". (20-Apr-2020)

Censure/criticism of ex-directors of Champion Technology (0092) and Kantone (1059)
SEHK, 27-Apr-2020
Breaches of fiduciary duties led to an astounding HK$8.9bn of impariment losses (over 99%) on the value of purported "Tianhuang stones". Left unmentioned is what assets they swapped for this near-worthless treasure. Again, the so-called INEDs were unquestioningly dormant. Paul Kan Man Lok, JP, SBS, CBE etc. should now be stripped of his gongs.

SFC obtains disqualification orders against former directors of Long Success International (Holdings) Ltd (delisted)
SFC, 27-Apr-2020
As is common in HK, the so-called INEDs were asleep at the wheel.

SFC fines BOCOM International Securities HK$19.6m for internal control failuresPositions of Yeung Kei Sho
SFC, 20-Apr-2020
This partly concerns the activities of a former representative, "Mr X", who Webb-site can deduce is Mr Yeung Kei Sho.

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