SFC Investigations

The SFC has certain statutory powers to investigate the affairs of listed companies. Under Section 29A of the old Securities Ordinance, and under Section 179 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance. Where it appears, amongst other things, that fraud or oppression of minority shareholders has taken place, or where shareholders have not been given all the information that they might reasonably expect, then an investigation can be launched.

With rare exceptions, the SFC does not disclose when its investigations are taking place or anything about them. However, the fact that a company is under investigation can itself be price sensitive information, and Webb-site.com has noted a number of cases in which the company concerned has announced that an investigation has been launched.

So as a service to our readers, to the best of our knowledge, here is a list of companies in respect of which investigations by the SFC have been announced, usually by the company itself, rarely by the SFC. In some cases, the investigations may have been completed without any action being taken. If this is publicly disclosed, then we will remove them from the list. In others, the investigation may be continuing and/or passed to the Commercial Crime Bureau, see our CCB Watch page.

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Argos Enterprise (Holdings) Limited
CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group Limited
China Fiber Optic Network System Group Ltd
China Green (Holdings) Limited
China Metal Recycling (Holdings) Limited
CITIC Pacific Limited
First China Financial Network Holdings Limited
Golden Shield Holdings (Industrial) Limited
Hontex International Holdings Company Limited
Ocean Grand Chemical Holdings Limited
Ocean Grand Holdings Limited
PCCW Limited
Qunxing Paper Holdings Company Limited
Riverhill Holdings Limited
Rontex International Holdings Limited
Styland Holdings Limited
Wah Sang Gas Holdings Limited

Referred to Commercial Crime Bureau

Tungda Innovative Lighting Holdings Limited

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