Poll: HKIDs and Government

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Current time: 2023-04-02 18:52:32
Closing time: 2013-02-27 18:00:00
Time left: Poll closed


Please read our article HKIDs and Government secrecy and then take the poll.


1. Should Government restrict access to HKID numbers of directors?

2. Should Government allow a correspondence address rather than residential address of a director?

3. Should the pay-wall on the Companies Registry be removed?

4. Should the pay-wall on the Land Registry be removed?

5. Should businesses be prohibited from using the HKID number as a password?

6. Do you have an HKID number?

7. Approximately how many organisations have your HKID number in their records?

8. Does anyone else in HK have the same name on their ID card as you?

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