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This page shows the historic number of SFC licensees for a firm. Licensees are either Responsible Officers (ROs) or Representatives (Reps). When Activity is set to "All", we treat a person who holds both roles (in different activities) as an RO. The Reps v total is a measure of how bottom-heavy a firm is, because the ROs are supposed to supervise the Reps. For other firms, click here. For the total in all firms, click here. Note that due to a transitional period which ended on 31-Mar-2005, many licenses in some activities were surrendered or not extended beyond that date.

Date ROs Reps Total Reps v total
2019-08-19 4 3 7 42.86%
2018-12-31 3 4 7 57.14%
2017-12-31 2 4 6 66.67%
2016-12-31 2 2 4 50.00%
2015-12-31 2 0 2 0.00%
2014-12-31 0 0 0 0.00%

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