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What is Webb-site?

Webb-site was established in 1998 by David M. Webb, a former investment banker who has lived in Hong Kong since 1991. Webb-site Reports provides reports and independent opinions with a focus on Hong Kong affairs, including but not limited to corporate and economic governance, business, finance, investment, legal and regulatory affairs. Webb-site also hosts Webb-site Who's Who, an extensive database on companies, other organisations and people in Hong Kong and elsewhere, sourced from the public domain.

Webb-site is run on a not-for-profit basis, principally funded by its founder, via Fundamental Consultants Limited (fc.com), which he chairs. That company also provides his services for occasional commercial speaking engagements, although this only makes a small contribution to the costs of running Webb-site.

What makes us different?

In relation to our coverage of financial matters, what makes us different to investment banks and brokers is that they are often conflicted from saying what they really think, because their comments would be negative to the companies or government concerned and for whom they (would like to) work. Asset managers similarly often manage corporate pension funds, or have in-house compliance rules which prevent them speaking freely. Similarly employees of commercial businesses can't bite the hand or the industry that feeds them, and other media are often owned by tycoons and businesses who have their own agenda, including doing business in China. These conflicts are not unique to HK or Asia. Few people have the luxury of being able to speaking freely. At Webb-site Reports, we usually can.

In general, being an online rather than offline publication allows us to link directly to the source material (including media releases, web postings and judgments) that offline media (including radio, TV and print) often use when they report stories. That way, readers can check unfiltered original information rather than just read second-hand summaries that may carry errors, omissions, inaccuracies or bias.

We provide this publication as a "pro bono" service to the community. We tell it the way we see it. Our goals include:

Our only material potential conflict in what we say is that from time to time we may own long or short positions in securities issued by companies or governments on which we comment. That's unavoidable - we've got to put our money somewhere.

Who is David M. Webb?

David M. Webb is a retired investment banker. He spent 12 years in the field, the first 5 in London before moving to Hong Kong in 1991. He was a Corporate Finance Director of BZW Asia Limited, conducting equity issues and advisory mandates throughout Asia until 1994, when he became in-house adviser to Wheelock, a local listed conglomerate. He retired in 1998 and now divides his time between running Webb-site.com and the activities around it, and researching the Hong Kong market, particularly smaller companies. His public roles include:

Past roles include:

Awards include:

Mr Webb graduated in mathematics from Exeter College, Oxford University in 1986 and prior to that was a computer geek, authoring "Supercharge Your Spectrum" (1983) and "Advanced Spectrum Machine Language" (1984), both books on the subject of machine language programming for the Z-80 based Sinclair Spectrum computer. He also wrote a number of best-selling games for the Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64, which were in the first generation of 8-bit home computers.

His HKID number is P135143(9). He is an Associate Member of the Hong Kong Journalists Association.

All material on this site, except where otherwise accredited, is copyright to Webb-site.com. Media are welcome to quote from articles on this site, provided that such quotation is attributed to "Webb-site.com" and limited to one paragraph at a time. For information on syndication or purchasing individual articles for print publication, contact us. Educators: articles may be freely reproduced for classes, lectures and seminars but not for sale in a textbook and not for publication on a web site.

Yes, you may include a hyperlink to Webb-site.com or any page therein, provided that your link either opens a new browser window or takes the viewer out of your site and makes Webb-site.com the "top" page in the current browser window. Any framing of our material is a violation of copyright.

Can we license your articles for our site?

Not in English. As a matter of policy, we believe there is no merit in licensing other publications to carry our original articles when they can easily hyperlink their readers to Webb-site.com. However, if you wish to produce a translation in Chinese or another language, and you take responsibility for the accuracy of the translation (including any liability for libelous translation), then please contact us for consent.


The information in this site should not be relied upon by any person in making any investment decision. No responsibility or liability is accepted by Webb-site.com or any person related to it for any loss arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of this site. Persons who are in any doubt about an investment or potential investment should take professional investment advice. From time to time parties associated with Webb-site.com may own long or short positions in securities issued by or related to companies or governments on which we comment.

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