People born in  month

Age in 2020: 117

Name Date of birth Date of death
Airey, Mildred Oct-1903
Alexander, Andrew (1903-10) Oct-1903
Anderson, Alexander George (1903-10) Oct-1903
Anderson, Marjorie Oct-1903
Aynsley, Sylvia Millicent Oct-1903
Barbour, Mary Oct-1903
Barnes, Harold (1903-10) Oct-1903
Barton, Ivy Oct-1903
Bayliss, Nell Kate Oct-1903
Benady, Raymond Oct-1903
Bliss, Albert Leonard Oct-1903
Bodger, Margaret Oct-1903
Bowman, William Powell Oct-1903
Brooke, W Mary 25-Oct-1903
Brown, Millicent Irene Oct-1903
Chichester, Edward Arthur Donald St George 7-Oct-1903 24-May-1975
Clarke, Stanley (1903-10) Oct-1903
Cooper, William Heaton Oct-1903
Davenport, Phyllis Oct-1903
Doughty, Olga Marie Oct-1903
Drury, Frank (1903-10) Oct-1903
Gurnett, Thomas Francis Oct-1903
Hadwen, Harold Oct-1903
Hance, Bertha Elizabeth Oct-1903
Harrington, Louisa Elizabeth Oct-1903
Howe, Arthur William Oct-1903
Hughes-Hallett, Joan Barbara 5-Oct-1903 28-Nov-1984
Ingham, Nora Oct-1903
Jenkin, William Oct-1903
Litman, Kay Oct-1903
Lloyd, Noreen Mary Oct-1903
Lopes, Massey Henry Edgecumbe 4-Oct-1903 30-Jun-1992
McCarthy, Dorothea Virginia Oct-1903
Morton, John Hugh Malcolm Oct-1903
Nelson-Jones, Constance Vera Oct-1903
Pinney, Bridget Esther Oct-1903
Reilly, Edith Alice Maude Oct-1903
Ridley, Milbourne Oct-1903
Savage, Reginald George Oct-1903
Spencer, George Ernest Oct-1903
Spurr, Joyce Oct-1903
Steel, Marjorie Maud Oct-1903
Tang, Yin Chun 10-Oct-1903
Thew, Arthur Lawrence Oct-1903
Wafer, James Eustace Oct-1903
Watson, William (1903-10) Oct-1903
Waugh, Evelyn Arthur St John 28-Oct-1903 10-Apr-1966
Woolmer, Herbert Chester Oct-1903

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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