People born in  month

Age in 2020: 115

Name Date of birth Date of death
Adler, Ernest Oct-1905
Allwood, Leslie Holman Oct-1905
Archibald, Catherine Edith May Oct-1905
Ashbolt, Rosa Oct-1905
Bartlett, John Adams (1905-10) Oct-1905
Bonner, Francis William Coulson Oct-1905
Brin, Jacob Oct-1905
Brown, Stanley (1905-10) Oct-1905
Browne, Florence May Oct-1905
Bruce, Mabel Gertrude Oct-1905
Carter, Wilson Oct-1905
Cooper, Gerald Stanley Oct-1905
Davis, Margaret (1905-10) Oct-1905
Duncan, Margaret Mary (1905-10) Oct-1905
Eastley, Rosina Ponman Oct-1905
Edwardes, Hugh Owen 2-Oct-1905 29-Jun-1937
Evans, Richard (1905-10) Oct-1905
Fox-Strangways, Edward Henry Charles 1-Oct-1905 21-Aug-1964
Garratt, Eirene Katherine Oct-1905
Garrett, William Henry (1905-10) Oct-1905
Gibb, Winifred Mabel Oct-1905
Giddins, Bridget Irving Oct-1905
Goldsmith, Max Oct-1905
Graham, Ronald (1905-10) Oct-1905
Green, Leslie James (1905-10) Oct-1905
Guinness, Bryan Walter 27-Oct-1905 6-Jul-1992
Haimes, Lilian May Oct-1905
Harris, Mary Ann (1905-10) Oct-1905
Hart, Edwin Oct-1905
Heal, Georgina Oct-1905
Hobson, John Ager Oct-1905
Howard, Francis Philip 5-Oct-1905 13-Nov-1999
Hunt, Violet Maud Oct-1905
Israel, Rebecca Oct-1905
Jenner, Frank Charles Oct-1905
Keeble, Leslie William Edward Oct-1905
Knight, William (1905-10) Oct-1905
Leech, Charles William Oct-1905
Lowry, Doris Elizabeth Oct-1905
Macfarlane, Renee Oct-1905
Maclay, John Scott 26-Oct-1905 17-Aug-1992
McNab, Kathleen Oct-1905
Miller, John Blair Oct-1905
Moore, Kate Mabel Oct-1905
Orton, Adela Katie Oct-1905
Osborn, Stella Rose Oct-1905
Otway, Ena Alice Oct-1905
Parks, Arthur Thomas Oct-1905
Potts, Ada Oct-1905
Powe, Hermine Leila Oct-1905
Redwood, Reginald Seymour Oct-1905
Reynolds, Cedric Hinton Fleetwood Oct-1905
Schaffer, Gordon Oct-1905
Sheppard, Dorothy Florence Oct-1905
Smith, Henry (1905-10) Oct-1905
Smith, Margaret Kathleen Oct-1905
Smith, Nellie Oct-1905
Spitz, Smul Oct-1905
Stott, Katherine Louise Oct-1905
Tanner, Ernest Basil Thornton Oct-1905
Tooke, Percy Robert Oct-1905
Trump, Frederick Christ 11-Oct-1905 25-Jun-1999
Waite, Charles Edwin Oct-1905
Walsh, John (1905-10) Oct-1905
Wayt, Arthur George Oct-1905
White, George Ronald Oct-1905
Wilson, Harriet Evelyn Oct-1905
Wylie, Mildred Amelia Oct-1905

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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