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Age in 2021: 115

Name Date of birth Date of death
Afia, Hami Victor May-1906
Allday, Philip Frederick May-1906
Amos, Frances Mary May-1906
Ash, Walter William Hector May-1906
Bailey, George William (1906-05) May-1906
Barlow, Kenneth Eliot May-1906
Bates, George Edward May-1906
Bayntun-Kerry, William Thomas May-1906
Beaver, Marion May May-1906
Belling, Cicely Edith May-1906
Bennett-Dun, Elizabeth Ena May-1906
Berman, Sarah May-1906
Bloxham, Louisa Emily May-1906
Borges, Stella Mary May-1906
Bowles, Gilbert George Rainsford Humphrey May-1906
Brown, Frank Record May-1906
Bumstead, Leonard Hawthorne May-1906
Caroni, Margot May-1906
Carr, Florence (1906-05) May-1906
Clarfield, Rachel May-1906
Clark, Kenneth Gray May-1906
Craig, John Mosley May-1906
Davey, John Parry (1906-05) May-1906
Day, Kathleen (1906-05) May-1906
Deighton, Frances Margaret May-1906
Diack, Andrew Edward May-1906
Digby, Cyril Alexander May-1906
Diss, Kathleen Winifred May-1906
Dodd, Doris Irene May-1906
Dop, Katie May-1906
Dorling, Anne May-1906
Emsley, Doris Wilhelmina May-1906
Esom, Leslie James May-1906
Farquhar, Norah Frances Sapphire 19-May-1906
Felton, Benjamin Charles May-1906
Fox, Ethel Florrie May-1906
Funnell, Joseph William May-1906
Grossmith, George Edward Townshend May-1906
Harley, Annie Elizabeth May-1906
Hayes, Harry Isherwood May-1906
Hayward, Marion (1906-05) May-1906
Hellings, Geoffrey Moffat May-1906
Hobson, Doris Mabel May-1906
Hodson, Henry Vincent May-1906
Jacobs, Jonathan Philip May-1906
Jones, Edith Frances May-1906
Juszka, Lilian Mary May-1906
Kay, Albert Ernest May-1906
Kennett, Stanley John May-1906
Kerr, Ronald William 24-May-1906 1972
Law, Eileen Vivian May-1906
Leah, Dorothy May-1906
Lomax, John Edward May-1906
Marchant, Maryon Winnifred May-1906
Matthews, Enid Victoria May-1906
McCarthy, Celia (1906-05) May-1906
McNair Scott, Ronald Guthrie 29-May-1906 21-Mar-1995
McNelly, Gordon Henry Anthony May-1906
McQuaker, James May-1906
Medd, Violet Kathleen May-1906
Mee, Arthur James May-1906
Monro, Margaret Elaine Fortesque May-1906
Montagu, Alexander Victor Edward Paulet 22-May-1906 25-Feb-1995
Morley, Agnes Caughteree May-1906
Murphy, James Alfred (1906-05) May-1906
Nash, William (1906-05) May-1906
Needham, James Wilfred May-1906
Nicholl, Alice May-1906
Odriscoll, Mary Helena May-1906
Paul, Phyllis May-1906
Pearson, John Mckenna May-1906
Pincus, Florence May-1906
Platten, Ivy Mary May-1906
Pollard, Leonie Margaret May-1906
Prime, Charles David 18-May-1906 27-Feb-1986
Pulbrook, Susan May-1906
Purchas, Kenneth Alfred May-1906
Purser, Iva Ena May-1906
Radiven, Mark May-1906
Rawling, Francis Edward May-1906
Robson, Wilfred Henry May-1906
Rogers, Bernard Henry Growden May-1906
Roosevelt Halsted, Anna Eleanor 3-May-1906 1-Dec-1975
Saltmarsh, William Gordon May-1906
Sampson, Bertram William Walter May-1906
Sargant, Edmund May-1906
Scarlett, William Murray Campbell May-1906
Shearer, Irene (1906-05) May-1906
Shulman, Archie May-1906
Skipworth, Leslie Charles John May-1906
Smith, Clifford William (1906-05) May-1906
Smith, Sarah Jane (1906-05) May-1906
Snook, Marjorie May-1906
Stevenson, Leonard King May-1906
Steyne, Doris Gabrielle May-1906
Stockham, Irene Florence May-1906
Swiffen, Percy Gregory May-1906
Swift, Dorothy (1906-05) May-1906
Sykora, Maria Olga 11-May-1906 16-Nov-1976
Taverner, Leila Ursula May-1906
Taylor, Rosalie (1906-05) May-1906
Taylor, Stanley Burn May-1906
Taylor, Sybil Elsie Margaret May-1906
Thaler, Karol May-1906
Thompson, John (1906-05) May-1906
Thompson, Leslie James (1906-05) May-1906
Thyne, Jean Currie May-1906
Tomlinson, Ernest Osborne May-1906
Trew, Frederick George May-1906
Upton, Ada Marjorie May-1906
Villiers, George Herbert Arthur Edward Hyde 6-May-1906 27-Apr-1935
Wait, Amy May-1906
Warren, Bertram May-1906
Watson, Hugh Geoffrey May-1906
Werrell, Marjorie Ella May-1906
West, Dora May Ruth May-1906
Whitehead, Hilda May-1906
Wilkins, Gladys May May-1906
Wilkinson, Eric James May-1906
Williams, David Iorwerth May-1906
Williams, Horace John May-1906
Wilson, Andrew Clement (1906-05) May-1906
Worthy, William Edward May-1906

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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