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Age in 2020: 113

Name Date of birth Date of death
Wright, Walter (1907-08) Aug-1907
Wright, Grace Hilda Aug-1907
Wraith, Jean Aug-1907
Wood, Reginald Duncalf Aug-1907
Wilson, John Charles (1907-08) Aug-1907
Wilson, Herbert Stanley Aug-1907
Webley, Nora Winifred Vera Aug-1907
Webber, Millicent Aug-1907
Walton, Eric Alfred Aug-1907
Viner, Ruben Aug-1907
Twyman, Henry Wetherelt Aug-1907
Tryner, Royston Aug-1907
Trump, John George 21-Aug-1907 21-Feb-1985
Truin, Cyril Frank Aug-1907
Trevarthen, Sarah Grace Audrey Aug-1907
Townend, Luke Aug-1907
Tiffin, Gladys Aug-1907
Thompson, Mary Helen Aug-1907
Thackwell, Mary Allison Aug-1907
Tand, Queenie Aug-1907
Sutcliffe-Hey, Margaret Eileen Mary Aug-1907
Stroud, Elsie Winifred Aug-1907
Steele, Davis Aug-1907
Somers, Florence Lillian Aug-1907
Smith, Alfred Maurice Aug-1907
Slade, Pelham George Aug-1907
Silverman, Alfred Hyam Aug-1907
Sillars, Doris Laura Aug-1907
Showell, Geoffrey Dugard Aug-1907
Schwarzenegger, Gustav 17-Aug-1907 1-Dec-1972
Sayers, Alec Aug-1907
Savory, Lilian Rebecca Aug-1907
Rowe, Bertha Caroline May Aug-1907
Rippon, Gertrude Eileen Aug-1907
Reed, Ernest Aug-1907
Raven, Kathleen Ida Aug-1907
Pye, Diana Elizabeth Aug-1907
Proctor, Edith Margaret Grace Aug-1907
Priscilla Ahy, Brown Aug-1907
Pottinger, Doris Aug-1907
Pollock, Martha Aug-1907
Pennington, Arthur Joseph Basic Aug-1907
Paul, Ivy Cecelia Aug-1907
Parrish, Edith Agnes Aug-1907
Parkes, Doris Emma Aug-1907
Parigoris, Theodose Constantine Aug-1907
Norcliffe, Edith Joan Aug-1907
Newberry, Violet Aug-1907
Nagao, Gajin Aug-1907
Munford, Margery Phyllis Aug-1907
Morris, Michael (1907-08) Aug-1907
Moore, Dennis William (1907-08) Aug-1907
Mitchell, Stephen (1907-08) Aug-1907
Melvin, William Leslie Aug-1907
Mehlman, Sylvia Aug-1907
Mayer, Helene Aug-1907
Marsh, Nesta Isabel Aug-1907
Marsh, John Annesley Earle Aug-1907
Mander, Lilian Aug-1907
Loveridge, Eric James Aug-1907
Llewellin-Taylor, Beatrix Campbell Aug-1907
Lilley, Jesse May Aug-1907
Laws, John Joseph Aug-1907
Jones, Robert Arthur (1907-08) Aug-1907
Jones, Ernest Richard Aug-1907
Jessop, George Robert Aug-1907
Jackson, Robert Winston Aug-1907
Huntley, John Francis Burra Aug-1907
Howard, Alexander Samuel Aug-1907
Hornemann, Erich Aug-1907
Holmes, Victor Irving Aug-1907
Holmes, Theresa Catherine Aug-1907
Hollingsworth, Ernest Aug-1907
Holbrook, Charles Gordon Aug-1907
Hoffman, Geoffrey Aug-1907
Hodges, John (1907-08) Aug-1907
Hodge, Reginald George Aug-1907
Hitchings, Alan Stuart Aug-1907
Highnam, Audrey Mary Aug-1907
Heywood, Geroge Halliley Aug-1907
Hewson, William John Aug-1907
Henley, Lucy Emily Aug-1907
Hayes, Geoffrey Charles Aug-1907
Haryott, Reginald Arthur 16-Aug-1907 6-Jun-1993
Hartley, Eric Aug-1907
Harris, Walter Stuart Aug-1907
Harman, John Bishop 10-Aug-1907 13-Nov-1994
Haines, Mary Aug-1907
Hailey, Phylliss Joan Aug-1907
Hackett, Ada Annie Gertrude Aug-1907
Guinness, Anthony Wentworth 4-Aug-1907 9-Apr-1960
Guinn, Lily Aug-1907
Groom, Rupert John Aug-1907
Grant, Edward Joseph Aug-1907
Grant, Dorothy Irene Aug-1907
Graham, Andrew (1907-08) Aug-1907
Geddes, Acland MacKay 24-Aug-1907 16-Mar-1974
Friedman, Tolza Aug-1907
Flanagan, Thomas Leslie Aug-1907
Fitch, Margaret Joan Aug-1907
Firth, Ronald Mathieson Aug-1907
Field, Maurice Wylmer Aug-1907
Fairfield, Minnie Grand Hay Aug-1907
Evrich, Mavis Llewellyn Aug-1907
Drew, Dudley Ernest Aug-1907
Douglas, Edith (1907-08) Aug-1907
Doreman, David Aug-1907
Dick, Marjorie Jane Aug-1907
de Gruchy, John Norman Aug-1907
Dawson, Hector Philip Aug-1907
Dawnay, Betty Aug-1907
Davies, Jack (1907-08) Aug-1907
Davies, Edwin (1907-08) Aug-1907
Davey, Leslie Francis Aug-1907
Cutler, Frederick William Aug-1907
Crichton-Stuart, John (1907) 4-Aug-1907 14-Aug-1956
Cooper, George Albert (1907-08) Aug-1907
Cook, Mary C Aug-1907
Constable, Charles William Aug-1907
Condon, Amy Olive Aug-1907
Coghlan, Patrick Boyle Lake Aug-1907
Cockerill, Frank Aug-1907
Clifton, Eric Charles Aug-1907
Clayton, Richard Henry Michael Aug-1907
Clarke, Charles Albert Aug-1907
Caunce, Kathleen Mabel Aug-1907
Caulton, Bertram Eric Aug-1907
Catt, Roland Charles Aug-1907
Capon, Norah Beatrice Aug-1907
Cameron, Mary (1907-08) Aug-1907
Burnside, Frederick Robert Aug-1907
Brown, John (1907-08) Aug-1907
Brighton, Ronald William Aug-1907
Breden, Doris May Ada Aug-1907
Braga, Antonio Manuel 28-Aug-1907 9-May-1994
Bond, Jack Raymond Aug-1907
Beresford-Peirse, Peter de la Poer 27-Aug-1907 1984
Bates, Estelle Kate Aug-1907
Barker, Gertrude May Aug-1907
Ball, Francis Charles Aug-1907
Astor, William Waldorf (1907) 13-Aug-1907 7-Mar-1966
Astley-Bell, Eleanor Aug-1907
Apsey, Irene Dorothy Aug-1907
Albrighton, Phyllis Aug-1907
Ahern, Walter Reed Aug-1907

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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