Non-HK companies departed/dissolved HK in 2020

This page shows the non-HK companies which were registered in HK and either departed or were dissolved (whichever comes first) in the chosen period, since records begin in 1946. A change in registration requirements took effect on 31-Aug-1984; it is possible that there were other foreign companies with a place of business in HK before that which were not registered with the Companies Registry.

Departure/dissolution date 

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Reg no. Name Registered Left HK Dissolved Domicile
1 F0024844  Beyond Korea Holdings Company Limited 2018-10-02 2020-01-31 Cayman Islands
2 F0024796  CMC Inc. 2019-03-15 2020-03-17 Cayman Islands
3 F0010899  JUDITH SHIPPING (BVI) LIMITED 2001-01-29 2020-01-06 British Virgin Islands
4 F0025284  KY LIMITED 2019-02-26 2020-02-20 Jersey
5 F0025035  PRIZE PERFECTION LIMITED 2018-11-28 2020-01-15 Seychelles
6 F0025281  SY LIMITED (JE) 2019-02-26 2020-02-20 Jersey
7 F0016589  Univa Capital Holdings Limited (KY) 2008-12-12 2020-01-06 Cayman Islands
8 F0024103  WSK Group (Holding) Company Limited 2018-02-21 2020-02-20 Cayman Islands
9 F0024287  Yang Cheng Intelligent Machine Component Manufacturing Limited 2018-04-23 2020-01-17 Cayman Islands
10 F0025285  YY LIMITED (JE) 2019-02-26 2020-02-20 Jersey
11 F0027109  Zhong Tuo Limited 2019-12-19 2020-02-18 British Virgin Islands

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