Tung, Chee Hwa 董建華

Other names

Surname Given names Chinese name
Tung Chi Hwa A

A=Alias, F=Former name

Gender: M
Estimated date of birth:29-May-1937
Estimated age:83 years 323 days

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Non-lineal relatives

Tung, Chee Chen 董建成 (1942-12-15 - ) Sibling 
Tung Chiu, Betty Hung Ping ( - ) Spouse 


CountGeneration, name, (birth - death)
1 Tung, Chao Yung 董兆榮 (1911-10-10 - 1982-04-15)
2 Tung, Rui Chang (d) ( - )
3 Koo, Lee Ching (d) (1915-05-16 - )


CountGeneration, name, (birth - death)
1 Slighton Tung, Audrey Lieh Yuan 董立筠 ( - )
2 Tung, Andy Lap Kwan ( - )
3 Tung, Andrew Lieh Cheung 董立均 (1964-05 - )
4 Tung, Alan Lieh Sing 董立新 (1967-10-29 - )


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Issuer 🌐 Formed Issue Shares Stake Holding date
Bartlock Assets Ltd. VGBritish Virgin Islands Ordinary shares   100.00% 2012-12-31
Springfield Corporation LRLiberia Trust interest     2004-12-31
Tung Trust Trust interest     1996-06-30

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