Astor, William Blackhouse Jr

Gender: M
Estimated date of birth:12-Jul-1830
Estimated age:187 years 249 days
Estimated date of death: 25-Apr-1892
Estimated age on death:61 years 288 days

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Non-lineal relatives

Schermerhorn Astor, Caroline Webster (22-Sep-1830 - 30-Oct-1908) Spouse 


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Astor, William Blackhouse (1792) (19-Sep-1792 - 24-Nov-1875)
2 Astor, John Jacob (17-Jul-1763 - 29-Mar-1848)


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Astor, John Jacob IV (13-Jul-1864 - 15-Apr-1912)
2 Astor, Ava Alice Muriel (27-Jul-1902 - 19-Jul-1956)
3 Astor, John Jacob VI (14-Aug-1912 - 26-Jun-1992)
4 Astor, William Blackhouse (1935) (1935 - )
5 Astor, William Blackhouse (1959) (1959 - )
6 Astor, William Vincent (15-Nov-1891 - 3-Feb-1959)

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