Duchess of York, Sarah

Other names

Surname Given names Chinese name
Ferguson Sarah Margaret F

A=Alias, F=Former name

Gender: F
Estimated date of birth:15-Oct-1959
Estimated age:58 years 249 days

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Non-lineal relatives

Windsor, Andrew Albert Christian Edward (1960-02-19 - ) Ex-spouse 


CountGeneration, name, (birth - death)
1 Windsor, Beatrice Elizabeth Mary (1988-08-08 - )
2 Windsor, Eugenie Victoria Helena (1990-03-23 - )


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Issuer 🌐 Formed Issue Shares Stake Holding date
FERGIE'S FARM LIMITED GBENEngland & Wales 2014-09-26 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2015-09-26
GINGER & MOSS LIMITED GBENEngland & Wales 2015-03-13 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2015-03-13
PLANET PARTNERS PRODUCTIONS LIMITED GBENEngland & Wales 2009-02-24 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2016-02-24
S.PHOENIX EVENTS LIMITED GBENEngland & Wales 2014-05-30 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2015-05-30

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