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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Cheung, Louis Chi Yan 張子欣 M 58 PartnerPartner U
2 Cheung, Patrick Din Youn 張定遠 M 70 PartnerPartner U
3 Chu, Tian Cho M 63 PartnerPartner U
4 Fung, Allen Yuk Lun 馮玉麟 M 53 DirDirector 2011
5 Lam, Kenny Kwok Fung 林國灃 M 48 PartnerPartner U
6 Lin, Davis Ching Hua 林璟驊 M 49 PartnerPartner U
7 Ngai, Joseph Luc 倪以理 M PartnerPartner
8 Sands, Peter Alexander M 59 DirDirector 2000 U
9 Thiam, Tidjane Cheick M 59 PartnerPartner U


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Ku, Man 顧敏 M 48 ConsConsultant U
2 Wang, Eddie Tong Sai 王浵世 M 72 Sen AdvSenior Adviser

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