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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chin, Roland Tai Hong 錢大康 M 70 TrusteeTrustee
2 Cox, Timothy M M TrusteeTrustee
3 Huang, Rayson Lisung 黃麗松 M 102 TrusteeTrustee U
4 Lo, Dennis Yuk Ming 盧煜明 M 58 TrusteeTrustee
5 Long, George Williamson M 69 TrusteeTrustee
6 Mak, Tak Wah 麥德華 M Ch, TrusteesChairman of Trustees
7 Price, Josephine 潘佐芬 F 68 TrusteeTrustee
8 Wong, Yan Lung 黃仁龍 M 59 TrusteeTrustee
9 Yam, Vivian Wing Wah 任詠華 F TrusteeTrustee

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