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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Fuk Cheung 陳福祥 M 72 DirDirector
2 Cheung, Carrie (Engineer) F DirDirector
3 Cheung, Victor Chi Kong 張志剛 M 64 DirDirector
4 Choi, Chun Ming (1959) 蔡俊明 M 63 DirDirector
5 Choi, Joseph Kin Hung 蔡健鴻 M 75 DirDirector
6 Choy, Kin Kuen 蔡健權 M 72 DirDirector
7 Chu, Reuben Pui Kwan 朱沛坤 M 67 DirDirector
8 Chung, Colin Chi Leong 鍾志良 M DirDirector
9 Ko, Gary Chi Wai 高志偉 M 63 DirDirector
10 Lee, Peter Kai Kwong 李啟光 M 78 DirDirector
11 Lo, Edward Wai Chau 勞偉籌 M DirDirector
12 Mak, Joseph Yiu Wing M DirDirector
13 She, Kenneth Siu Kuen M DirDirector
14 Siu, Yin Wai 邵賢偉 M 77 DirDirector
15 Suen, Timothy Kai Cheung 孫啓祥 M 66 DirDirector
16 Tsang, Ernest Kin Wai M DirDirector
17 Wong, Adrian Ho Leung M DirDirector
18 Wong, Yiu Fai (Engineer) DirDirector
19 Woo, Gordon Man Shing 胡萬城 M DirDirector
20 Yuen, Pak Leung 源柏樑 M 63 DirDirector

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