Cheung, Chan & Chung 張陳鍾律師行

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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Cheung, Derek King Poon 張景蟠 M PartnerPartner 2017-01-01
2 Leung, Jeff Chun Cheung 梁振祥 M PartnerPartner 2017-02-01
3 Leung, Noel Chun Kuen 梁振權 M 60 PartnerPartner 1998-04


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Yuen Ching (LSHK:2018-10) 陳元靜 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2019-01
2 Cheung, Andrew Siu Fai 張兆輝 M Ass SolAssistant Solicitor
3 Cheung, Derek King Poon 張景蟠 M ConsConsultant 2017-01-01
4 Chung, Kwok Cheong 鍾國昌 M 69 ConsConsultant
5 Fok, David Alistair 霍兆全 M 69 ConsConsultant
6 Johnson, Susan Beatrice 莊素珊 F ConsConsultant
7 Kam, Wai Ip 甘偉業 ConsConsultant
8 Lau, Ho Yan (LSHK:2012-11) 劉可欣 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2019-01
9 Tam, Derick Chi Keung 譚志強 M ConsConsultant U
ConsConsultant 2020-02-03
10 Wan, Chi Shing 尹摯誠 ConsConsultant
11 Wan, Chi Sing 尹摯誠 ConsConsultant U
12 Williams, Charles Alexander 威廉施 M ConsConsultant 2018-04
13 Wong, Peter Chi Kit 王志傑 M 61 ConsConsultant 2015-09-30


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Lai, Eddie Yuk Leung M 66 EmployeeEmployee

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