Chu & Lau 劉漢銓律師行

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Main board

Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Ka Yee (LSHK:1997-10) 陳嘉儀 PartnerPartner 2021-07-01
2 Chan, Michelle Wing Chong 陳詠莊 F PartnerPartner 2018-07-30
3 Cheung, Po Yee (LSHK:2000-09) 張寶儀 PartnerPartner 2020-05-30
4 Chiang, Kam Wah (LSHK:1994-07) 蔣錦華 PartnerPartner
5 Lee, Kar Yum 李家欽 PartnerPartner 2020-07-10 2020-12-01
6 Leung, Roger Wai Man 梁偉民 M 65 PartnerPartner
7 Ng, Christopher Yu Hung 吳裕雄 M PartnerPartner 2018-03-30
8 Tso, Louisa Yuen Ping 曹婉萍 F PartnerPartner U
9 Chu, Aloysius Fee Loong 朱飛龍 M 74 Partner, FdrPartner, Founder 1978-04-01 U
10 Lau, Ambrose Hon Chuen 劉漢銓 M 74 Sen Partner, FdrSenior Partner, Founder 1978-04-01


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Kung, Ying Chang 龔頴章 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2020-07
2 Lee, Lap Hang 李立行 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2018-05
3 Leung, Teresa Chick Yin 梁植賢 F Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2021-07
4 Li, Jane Wai Tak 李慧德 F Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2020-06
5 Lim, Shu Xin 林澍昕 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2020-11
6 Mak, Tze Yan 麥梓恩 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2020-11
7 Niamatullah, Omar 林浩文 M Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2018-08
8 Or, Yee Ting 柯綺婷 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2018-06 2018-08
9 Chan, Wai Hon (LSHK:1995-09) 陳偉漢 ConsConsultant
10 Chow, Wai Shun 周偉信 M ConsConsultant
11 Ho, Edmund Siu Lau 何兆流 M ConsConsultant
12 Lee, Kar Yum 李家欽 ConsConsultant 2019-06 2020-07-10
13 Wong, Duffy Chun Nam 黃鎮南 M 68 ConsConsultant

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