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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Sui Kau 陳瑞球 M 99 Hon ChHonorary Chairman 2018-03-27
ChChairman 1988 1994
2 Chan, Wing Kee (1947) 陳永棋 M 76 Hon ChHonorary Chairman
3 Chen, Clement Cheng Jen 陳鎮仁 M 67 Vice ChVice Chairman
4 Chen, Din Hwa 陳廷驊 M 100 Hon ChHonorary Chairman U
5 Chen, Yuan Chu 陳元鉅 M 94 Hon ChHonorary Chairman
6 Chou, Vincent Wen Hsien 周文軒 M 102 Hon ChHonorary Chairman 2007-11-23
7 Fang, Kenneth Hung 方鏗 M 85 Hon ChHonorary Chairman 2022-08-28
8 Lam, Tai Fai 林大輝 M 64 Vice ChVice Chairman
9 Law, Bosco Ching Kit 羅正杰 M 44 Vice ChVice Chairman 2020
10 Lee, Harry Nai Shee 李乃禧 M 81 ChChairman
11 Leung, Andrew Kwan Yuen 梁君彥 M 72 ChChairman U
Hon ChHonorary Chairman
12 Leung, Lawrence Ka Yuen 梁嘉彥 M 68 Vice ChVice Chairman
13 Lin, Frank Hui Po 林輝波 M 96 Hon ChHonorary Chairman
14 Lin, Willy Sun Mo 林宣武 M 64 Vice ChVice Chairman
15 Lo, Andrew Ching Leung 羅正亮 M 58 DirDirector 2014
16 Lo, Kenneth Lok Fung 羅樂風 M 85 Gen CommitteeGeneral Committee
17 Ng, Roger Keng Po 吳鏡波 M Vice ChVice Chairman
18 Sin, Joseph Hon Pun 冼漢鑌 M Vice ChVice Chairman
19 Szeto, Stanley Chi Yan 司徒志仁 M 49 ChChairman
20 Tam, Norman Chi Fung 譚志峰 M Vice ChVice Chairman
21 Tan, Henry (1953-10-05) 陳亨利 M 70 ChChairman
22 Tang, Jack Chi Chien 唐驥千 M 96 Hon ChHonorary Chairman 2014-04-02
23 Wang, Peter Kin Chung 汪建中 M 70 Vice ChVice Chairman
24 Wong, Eleanor Bei Lee 王培麗 F 89 Hon ChHonorary Chairman
25 Yen, Gordon 嚴震銘 M 53 Vice ChVice Chairman

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