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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Ch'ien, Raymond Kuo Fung 錢果豐 M 68 DirDirector
2 Cheng, Edgar Wai Kin 鄭維健 M 76 TreasurerTreasurer
3 Cornell, Henry (1955) 韓禮 M 65 DirDirector
4 Dattels, Timothy David 戴德時 M 63 DirDirector
5 King Tung, Alice Chee Ping 金董建 F Vice ChVice Chairman
6 Lam Lee, Alice Piera Kiu Yue 林莉 F 80 DirDirector
7 Lee Chang, Nancy Maria 利張錫齡 F DirDirector
8 Lee, Jung Sen 利榮森 M 105 ChChairman U
9 Lo, Victor Chung Wing 羅仲榮 M 70 DirDirector
10 Lo, Vincent Wing Sang 羅榮生 M 74 DirDirector
11 Pfohl-Ho, Caroline E F DirDirector
12 Pong, David Chun Yee 龐俊怡 M Co-Vice ChCo-Vice Chairman
13 Wong, Harold Tsu Hing 王祖興 M 51 DirDirector

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