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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Ignatius Tze Ching 陳子政 M 65 CouncillorCouncillor
2 Chan, Kai Ming (Red Cross) 陳啟明 M CouncillorCouncillor
3 Cheng, Sing Yip 鄭成業 M CouncillorCouncillor
4 Deayton, Kenneth Raymond M 76 CouncillorCouncillor
5 Fung Shen, Julia Nai Kee 馮沈乃琪 F CouncillorCouncillor
6 Kan, Hayley Mee Lin F CouncillorCouncillor
7 Kwok Leung, Ingrid Kit Kam F CouncillorCouncillor
8 Lau, Chor Chiu 劉楚釗 M CouncillorCouncillor
9 Leung, Nai Kong 梁乃江 M 79 CouncillorCouncillor
10 Lo, Vincent Wing Sang 羅榮生 M 75 ChChairman
11 Ma, Ada Y M F CouncillorCouncillor
12 McClintock, Nanette F CouncillorCouncillor
13 Rennell, Bernard M CouncillorCouncillor
14 Wong, Peggy B W F CouncillorCouncillor

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