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Main board

Name Age
Position From Until
1 Au, Miu Po 區妙寶 F CouncillorCouncillor U
2 Beaves, David John 庇大衛 M 66 CouncillorCouncillor
3 Bridge, Robin Miles 喬立本 M 78 PresPresident U
4 Chan, Bing Woon 陳炳煥 M 76 CouncillorCouncillor
5 Chang, Eliza Lai Shan 鄭麗珊 F 52 CouncillorCouncillor
6 Cheong, Ella Shuk Ki 張淑姬 F CouncillorCouncillor
7 Chong, Francis Wing Charn 莊永燦 M 69 CouncillorCouncillor U
8 Chu, Gordon Kuo Fai 諸國輝 M 55 CouncillorCouncillor
9 Ha, Hannah Cheuk Ling 夏卓玲 F CouncillorCouncillor
10 Hancock, Timothy M CouncillorCouncillor U
11 Hart, Andrew Nicholas M CouncillorCouncillor
12 Kwok, Jesse Hong Yee 郭匡義 M 68 CouncillorCouncillor
13 Kwong, Chi Keung 鄺志強 M 67 CouncillorCouncillor
14 Lam, Emily Yuet Ming 林月明 F CouncillorCouncillor
15 Leung, Elsie Oi Sie 梁愛詩 F 82 CouncillorCouncillor U
16 Lo, Rebecca Mang Chong 盧孟莊 F CouncillorCouncillor
17 Lun, Winnie Pong Hing 倫龐卿 F CouncillorCouncillor U
18 Ma, Ching Nam 馬清楠 M 69 CouncillorCouncillor
19 Mo, Elizabeth Wai Yin 毛慧賢 F CouncillorCouncillor
20 Sit, Kenneth Hoi Wah 薛海華 M 63 PresPresident
21 Wong, Michael Sui Wah 黃瑞華 M 62 CouncillorCouncillor U
22 Wong, Samuel Yin Shun 黃顯舜 M 47 CouncillorCouncillor U
23 Yeung, Benny Yuen Bun 楊元彬 M 65 CouncillorCouncillor U


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Au, Miu Po 區妙寶 F VPVice President
2 Ma, Ching Nam 馬清楠 M 69 VPVice President U

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