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Main board

Name Age
Position From Until
1 Budge, John Robertson 白仲安 M Hon SecHonorary Secretary
2 Chan Lam, Lai King F CommitteeCommittee
3 Chan, Andrew Ping Chiu 陳炳釗 M CommitteeCommittee
4 Chiu, Clifford King 邱令智 M 63 CommitteeCommittee
5 Cole, Vanda F CommitteeCommittee
6 Cox, John Lyman M CommitteeCommittee
7 Ho, Allan Hin Ming M CommitteeCommittee
8 Kwong, Peter Kong Kit 鄺廣傑 M 85 PresPresident
9 Lai, Michael Kam Cheung 賴錦璋 M 76 CEOChief Executive Officer U
10 Lam, Kui Chun 林鉅津 M CommitteeCommittee
11 Lau, Dorothy Wai Ling 劉惠靈 F CommitteeCommittee
12 Lee, Chi Yuen M CommitteeCommittee
13 Leung, Edward Man Fuk 梁萬福 M CommitteeCommittee
14 Leung, Michael Kai Hung (1942) 梁啟雄 M 79 Vice ChVice Chairman
15 Li, Brian David Man Bun 李民斌 M 47 CommitteeCommittee
16 Li, David Kwok Po 李國寶 M 82 ChChairman
17 Lo, Kin Ming M CommitteeCommittee
18 Luk Ho, Cynthia Kam Wan 陸何錦環 F CEOChief Executive Officer
19 McBain, Robert E M Hon TreasHonorary Treasurer
20 Sin, Johnny Kin On M CommitteeCommittee
21 Tsui, Louis Tsan Sang M CommitteeCommittee


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Cheung, Cooke Tat Cheong 張達昌 M Dep CEODeputy Chief Executive Officer
2 Fung, David Kai Man 馮啟民 M Sen MgrSenior Manager
3 Lee, Josephine Yuk Chi 李玉芝 F Dep CEODeputy Chief Executive Officer

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