Bank of East Asia (China) Limited

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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Kay Cheung 陳棋昌 M 74 Vice ChVice Chairman
2 Cheung, Valiant Kin Piu 張建標 M 75 DirDirector
3 Fok, Ian Chun Wan 霍震寰 M 71 DirDirector
4 Kwan, Tat Cheong M DirDirector
5 Lee, Peter Ka Kit 李家傑 M 57 NEDNon-Executive Director
6 Li, Adrian David Man Kiu 李民橋 M 47 DirDirector
7 Li, Brian David Man Bun 李民斌 M 46 DirDirector
8 Li, David Kwok Po 李國寶 M 81 DirDirector
9 Mong, David Tak Yeung 蒙德揚 M 58 DirDirector
10 Ng, Robert Chee Siong 黃志祥 M 68 DirDirector
11 Song, Charley Lin 宋林 M 57 NEDNon-Executive Director
12 Wong, Wendy Woon Ping F DirDirector
13 Zhang, Hongyi (1945) 張鴻義 M 75 NEDNon-Executive Director

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