Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command (The) Advisory Board

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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Au, Fun Kuen 歐訓權 M MemberMember
2 Chan Fang, Anson On Sang 陳方安生 F 78 MemberMember
3 Chan, David H C M MemberMember
4 Chow, Shew Ping M MemberMember
5 Fok, Canning Kin Ning 霍建寧 M 67 MemberMember
6 Kwok Leung, Ingrid Kit Kam F MemberMember
7 Lai Wei, Minnie Kit Lin F MemberMember
8 Lam Pei, Peggy Yu Dja 林貝聿嘉 F 90 MemberMember
9 Lam, Pierre M MemberMember
10 Lee, David Chris Tsung Hei 李頌熹 M 68 MemberMember
11 Lee, Peter Ting Chang 利定昌 M 64 MemberMember U
12 Li, David Kwok Po 李國寶 M 79 ChChairman
13 Li, Meocre Kwok Wing 李國榮 M 63 MemberMember
14 Lok, Hardy Kung Chin 陸恭正 M 70 MemberMember
15 Ng, Kenneth Sing Yip 伍成業 M 67 MemberMember
16 Ng, Yin Nam 吳彥男 M 88 MemberMember
17 Strickland, John Estmond 施德論 M 79 MemberMember
18 Thompson, James Edward (1940-01-14) 詹康信 M 78 MemberMember

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