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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Long, Stephen Harry M 80 DirDirector U


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Cheung, Lai San 張麗珊 SolicitorSolicitor 2018-11
2 Lam, Helen Hoi Lun 林海倫 F SolicitorSolicitor 2018-03
3 Lam, Josephine Wing Sze 林頴詩 F SolicitorSolicitor 2022-11
4 Lee, Grace Yuk Wah 李鈺華 F SolicitorSolicitor 2018-11
5 Lee, Janice Wing Yan 李穎欣 F SolicitorSolicitor 2022-11
6 Lui, Ian Chi 雷智欣 M SolicitorSolicitor 2018-09
7 Sit, Yan Yu 薛殷如 SolicitorSolicitor 2022-11
8 Siu, Catherine 蕭家欣 F SolicitorSolicitor 2018-08
9 Southwood, Rufus Henry M SolicitorSolicitor 2023-01
SolicitorSolicitor 2023-01 2023-03
10 Tan, Eddie Cheng Soo 陳清賜 M Sen MgrSenior Manager
11 Tin, Cyrus Htun Chi Hang 伍志衡 M SolicitorSolicitor
12 Wong, Clara Ka Lai 黃嘉麗 F SolicitorSolicitor
13 Wong, Grace Yeuk Kuk 黃若谷 F SolicitorSolicitor 2022-10
14 Wong, Isabella Ping Yin 黃娉彥 SolicitorSolicitor 2021-12
15 Wong, Wai (LSHK:2011-12) 黃煒 SolicitorSolicitor 2018-05

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