Yung, Yu, Yuen & Co. 翁余阮律師行

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Main board

Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Hon Piu 陳漢標 M 62 PartnerPartner
2 Ko, Kwok Shu 柯國樞 PartnerPartner
3 Yu, Vivian Yuk Ying 余玉瑩 F 61 PartnerPartner
4 Yuen, Philip Pak Yiu 阮北耀 M 86 Partner, FdrPartner, Founder 2008-04-01


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Bing Woon 陳炳煥 M 76 ConsConsultant
2 Chan, Chun Kin 陳俊堅 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2018-05 2019-10
3 Chan, Michelle Tsz Wai 陳芷蕙 F Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2020-06
4 Chan, Roy Carson 陳家迅 M 45 ConsConsultant 2021-06
5 Cheng, Calvin K. 鄭偉邦 M Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2018-12
6 Cheng, Kin Man (LSHK:2018-10) 鄭建文 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2018-11
7 Choy, Cheung Hei 蔡長喜 ConsConsultant
8 Chu, Siu Fai 朱紹輝 ConsConsultant 2020-09
9 Ho, Kelly (LSHK:1994-07) 何嘉莉 F ConsConsultant
10 Ho, Sally Kit Ying 何潔盈 F Ass SolAssistant Solicitor
11 Hui, Patrick Cho Yee 許祖貽 M ConsConsultant
12 Ko, Kin Hang (LSHK:2001-07) 高健恆 ConsConsultant 2019-11-01
13 Lau, Sue Che Suen 劉之璿 F ConsConsultant
14 Leung, Connie Wai On 梁惠安 F ConsConsultant 2019-12
15 Wong, Alan (LSHK:2019-10) 黃天成 M ConsConsultant 2021-01
16 Wong, Chuan Tao (LSHK:2014-09) 黃浚滔 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2020-02
ConsConsultant 2020-02
17 Wong, Evelyn (LSHK:2013-09) 黃凱欣 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor
18 Wong, Yi Man 黃伊雯 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2018-09
19 Yeung, Kenneth Kai Kay 楊啓基 M ConsConsultant
20 Yip, Wai Man (LSHK:2019-09) 葉慧文 Ass SolAssistant Solicitor 2019-10
21 Yuen, Philip Pak Yiu 阮北耀 M 86 Cons, FdrConsultant, Founder 2008-04-01

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