China Regenerative Medicine International Limited 中國再生醫學國際有限公司

Domicile:Cayman Islands
Type:Listed company
Last check on companies registry: 2017-03-11
Primary Listing:HK GEM
Web sites:

Foreign registrations

Place ID Registered Ceased
Hong Kong F0011146 2001-05-09

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Name history

Old English name Old Chinese name Until
China Bio-Med Regeneration Technology Limited 中國生物醫學再生科技有限公司 2015-02-03
B M Intelligence International Limited 2008-12-18

Listed securities

Ordinary shares

Market Code List Last trade Delist Notes
HK GEM 8158 2001-07-18


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Issuer 🌐 Formed Issue Shares Stake Holding date
BMI INNOVATION LIMITED HKHong Kong 1995-10-10 Ordinary shares   30.00%  
BMI Overseas Investment Limited VGBritish Virgin Islands Ordinary shares 250 25.00% 2008-04-30
GOLD REGENT CORPORATION LIMITED HKHong Kong 2007-01-08 Ordinary shares 2 50.00% 2007-06-26
Shaanxi Aierfu Activtissue Engineering Co., Ltd. CNChina (People's Republic) Ordinary shares   51.00% 2008-10-29
Union Services and Registrars Inc. VGBritish Virgin Islands Ordinary shares   14.42% 2008-10-31

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