Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Limited 漢能薄膜發電集團有限公司

Type:Listed company
Incorporation number: 19571
Last check on companies registry: 2017-03-10
Primary Listing:HK Main
Web sites: www.hanergythinfilmpower.com

Foreign registrations

Place ID Registered Ceased
Hong Kong F0007480 1996-01-15

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Name history

Old English name Old Chinese name Until
Hanergy Solar Group Limited 漢能太陽能集團有限公司 2014-08-26
Apollo Solar Energy Technology Holdings Limited 2012-12-24
RBI Holdings Limited 紅發集團有限公司 2009-11-25
RBI Holdings Limited 2002-07-03

Listed equities

Ordinary shares

Exchange Code Listed Last trade Delisted
HK Main 00566  1996-01-29  2015-05-20  2019-06-11


Exchange Code Listed Last trade Delisted
HK Main 00664  1996-01-29  1998-01-21  1998-02-02


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Issuer 🌐 Formed Issue Shares Stake Holding date
LEEDS FAT MOULD FTY (CHINA) LIMITED HKHong Kong 1991-12-05 Ordinary shares   50.00% 1997-12-31
LEEDS FAT PRECISION ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED HKHong Kong 1992-12-03 Ordinary shares   50.00% 1997-12-31

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