BANK OF JINZHOU CO., LTD. 錦州銀行股份有限公司

Domicile:The People's Republic of China
Type:Listed company
Last check on companies registry: 2017-03-11
Primary Listing:HK Main
Web sites:

Foreign registrations

Place ID Registered Ceased
Hong Kong F0021280 2015-02-27

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Name history

Old English name Old Chinese name Until
Jinzhou City Cooperative Bank Co., Ltd. 錦州城市合作銀行股份有限公司 2008-06-03

Listed equities


Exchange Code Listed Last trade Delisted
HK Main 00416  2015-12-07    

Listed debt and preference shares

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Type Outst. m Rate % Maturity Code Listed Last trade Delisted
Pref USD 74.80 4615 2017-10-30

Unlisted securities


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