Type:Listed company
Incorporation number: 23038
Last check on companies registry: 2017-03-10
Primary Listing:HK Main
Web sites: www.fairform.com.hk

Foreign registrations

Place ID Registered Ceased
Hong Kong F0008417 1997-06-23

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Name history

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Listed securities

Ordinary shares

Market Code List Last trade Delist Notes
HK Main 0943 1997-06-25

Warrant 2004-12-07

Market Code List Last trade Delist Notes
HK Main 0640 2003-12-10 2004-12-02 2004-12-08 Expired

Nil-paid rights 2014-08-26

Market Code List Last trade Delist Notes
HK Main 2928 2014-08-14 2014-08-21 2014-08-22 Expired

Nil-paid rights 2017-12-08

Market Code List Last trade Delist Notes
HK Main 2907 2017-11-28 2017-12-05 2017-12-06 Expired


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Issuer 🌐 Formed Issue Shares Stake Holding date
GOLDEN FORM INDUSTRIAL LIMITED HKHong Kong 1997-02-03 Ordinary shares   51.00% 1997-12-31
Guangzhou Hunyun Metal Products Limited CNChina (People's Republic) Ordinary shares   70.00% 1997-12-31
JADE OCEAN SURFACE FINISHING CO., LIMITED HKHong Kong 1995-04-04 Ordinary shares   49.00% 1997-12-31
YIXIN HOLDINGS LIMITED HKHong Kong 2011-12-05 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2016-04-01

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