Domicile:Hong Kong
Type:Listed company
Incorporation number: 0006466
Last check on companies registry: 2020-11-21
Primary Listing:HK Main
Web sites: www.kdc.com.hk

Employment Support Subsidy (COVID-19)

The HK Government paid employers a subsidy of half of staff salaries up to a subsidy cap of HK$9k per month for 6 months in 2 phases covering Jun-Aug and Sep-Nov 2020. Amounts shown do not include subsidiaries. Phase 1 data as at 21-Oct-2020, Phase 2 as at 7-Jan-2021, subject to change. P1 and p2 indicate whether a claim has been made and approved in each phase. Click here for raw filing data.

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English name Chinese name Amount
Heads Average
p1 p2
KOWLOON DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED 九龍建業有限公司 10,775,124 204 52,819 1 1

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Listed equities

Ordinary shares

Exchange Code Listed Last trade Delisted
HK Main 00034  1995-07-04    

Nil-paid rights

Exchange Code Listed Last trade Delisted
HK Main 02901  2007-01-23  2007-01-31  2007-02-01


Note: holdings may be incomplete and/or outdated. Holdings in listed companies are not shown as the filings are currently too difficult to automate and the holdings change too rapidly.

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Issuer 🌐 Formed Issue Shares Stake Holding date
CAMPBELL COMPANY LIMITED HKHong Kong 1984-12-14 Ordinary shares   50.00% 1997-12-31
GOLDEN PRINCESS AMUSEMENT COMPANY LIMITED HKHong Kong 1973-06-22 Ordinary shares   85.00% 1997-12-31
JEEVES (HK) LIMITED HKHong Kong 1993-09-28 Ordinary shares   43.13% 1997-12-31
KDC PROLOGUE LIMITED HKHong Kong 1985-07-31 Ordinary shares   80.00% 1997-12-31
KOWLOON DEVELOPMENT FINANCE LIMITED HKHong Kong 1994-04-26 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2009-12-31
KOWLOON DEVELOPMENT K. F. LO SECURITIES LIMITED HKHong Kong 1993-12-14 Ordinary shares   40.00% 1997-12-31
Marble King International Limited VGBritish Virgin Islands Ordinary shares   100.00% 2012-12-31

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