Domicile:Hong Kong
Type:Inc by ordinance
Incorporation number: SO0000006
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Employment Support Subsidy (COVID-19)

The HK Government paid employers a subsidy of half of staff salaries up to a subsidy cap of HK$9k per month for 6 months in 2 phases covering Jun-Aug and Sep-Nov 2020. Amounts shown do not include subsidiaries. Phase 1 data as at 21-Oct-2020, Phase 2 as at 7-Jan-2021, subject to change. P1 and p2 indicate whether a claim has been made and approved in each phase. Click here for raw filing data.

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English name Chinese name Amount
Heads Average
p1 p2
CHINESE RHENISH CHURCH HUNGHOM 5,513,916 125 44,111 1 1
CHINESE RHENISH CHURCH KOWLOON 1,813,242 33 54,947 1 1
KOWLOON RHENISH SCHOOL 九龍禮賢學校 1,884,084 73 25,809 1 0
Total 9,211,242 231 39,876

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