Alpha Professional Holdings Limited

Type:Listed company
Incorporation number: 39519
Last check on companies registry: 2017-03-10
Primary Listing:HK Main
Web sites:

Foreign registrations

Place ID Registered Ceased
Hong Kong F0017220 2009-11-06

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Name history

Old English name Old Chinese name Until
Z-Obee Holdings Limited 融達控股有限公司 2018-08-23
Z-Obee Holdings Limited 2012-09-14
EGG Technology (Holdings) Limited 2007-05-17

Listed securities

Ordinary shares

Market Code List Last trade Delist Notes
Sing Sec D5N 2007-11-21 2014-06-27 2017-11-28 Vol. withdrawal
HK Main 0948 2010-03-01

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