Hong Kong Bar Association

This page lists the number of positions in each organisation held by persons with positions in the subject organisation on 2021-09-25. Click on a name to produce a list of matching members.

There are 34 overlapping organisations.

Organisation Overlap
HKSAR Senior Counsel 10
HKICPA Disciplinary Panel A 3
HKSAR Buildings Appeal Tribunal Panel 3
HKSAR Inland Revenue Board of Review Panel 3
HKSAR IPCC Observers 2
HKSAR Justices of the Peace (non-gov) 2
HKSAR Municipal Services Appeals Board 2
SFC Disciplinary Chair Committee 2
Bronze Bauhinia Star 1
Financial Reporting Council Process Review Panel 1
HKSAR Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications Appeal Board 1
HKSAR Administrative Appeals Board 1
HKSAR Consumer Legal Action Fund Management Committee 1
HKSAR Court of First Instance of the High Court 1
HKSAR Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries Compensation Boards 1
HKSAR Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal 1
HKSAR Election Committee 1
HKSAR Fishermen Claims Appeal Board (Lamma) 1
HKSAR Fishermen Claims Appeal Board (Trawl Ban) 1
HKSAR Immigration Tribunal 1
HKSAR Insurance Appeals Tribunal 1
HKSAR Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission 1
HKSAR Obscene and Indecent Articles Panel of Adjudicators 1
HKSAR Pharmacy and Poisons Appeal Tribunal 1
HKSAR Private Columbaria Appeal Board 1
HKSAR Public Interest Entities Auditors Review Tribunal 1
HKSAR Resolution Compensation Tribunal 1
HKSAR Resolvability Review Tribunal 1
Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS 1
MPFA Process Review Panel 1
SFC (HKEC Listing) Appeals Committee 1

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