Lau, Chuk Kin 劉竹堅

Filing in Lion Rock Group Limited:O

Exchange Code Listed Last trade Delisted
HK Main 01127  2011-07-25    

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Filing data

Date of relevant event:2011-10-06
Awareness date (if later):
Filing date:2011-10-07
Original filing: Click here
Shares in issue as filed:500,000,000

Long event

Stated disclosure reason:Becoming interested
Capacity after:Interest of corporation >=1/3 controlled
Shares involved:44,000
Highest on-exchange price:0.500
Average on-exchange price:0.497
Implied total value:21,868
On-exchange settlement date:2011-10-10
CCASS changes on settlement date: Click here

or share
Highest price 0.500 0.500 0.00%
Average price 0.497 0.498 -0.27%
Volume44,000 120,000 36.67%
Turnover21,868 59,800 36.57%

Positions before and after the event

Interest in shares
Position Before After Change
Long 307,225,028 307,269,028 44,000

Percent of issued
Position Before After Change
Long 61.45% 61.45% 0.00%

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