Hon, Lawrence Kwok Ping 韓國平

Filing in Vital Innovations Holdings Limited:O

Exchange Code Listed Last trade Delisted
HK Main 06133  2015-06-26    

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Filing data

Date of relevant event:2016-11-02
Awareness date (if later):
Filing date:2016-11-05
Original filing: Click here
Shares in issue as filed:850,000,000

Long event

Stated disclosure reason:Becoming interested
Capacity after:Beneficial owner
Shares involved:310,000
Average off-exchange consideration:0.000
Implied total value:0

Positions before and after the event

Interest in shares
Position Before After Change
Long 0 310,000 310,000

Percent of issued
Position Before After Change
Long 0.00% 0.04% 0.04%

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