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Current names

Name  Est. date
 of birth
 Est. age
in 2020
1 de Capell Brooke, Alexander Edward Guinness May-1968 52
2 Guinness, Arthur Edward 1-Nov-1840 180
3 Guinness, Arthur Edward Rory 10-Aug-1969 51
4 Guinness, Arthur Onslow Edward 8-May-1912 108
5 Guinness, Cecil Edward Jun-1924 96
6 Guinness, Christopher Edward Howard
7 Guinness, Christopher Edward Howard (1963-01) Jan-1963 57
8 Guinness, Edward 1772 248
9 Guinness, Edward (1976-06) Jun-1976 44
10 Guinness, Edward (1976-07) Jul-1976 44
11 Guinness, Edward Benjamin Newton Jun-1976 44
12 Guinness, Edward Cecil 10-Nov-1847 173
13 Guinness, Edward Douglas 19-Apr-1893 127
14 Guinness, James Edward Alexander Rundell 23-Sep-1924 96
15 Guinness, Rupert Edward Cecil Lee 29-Mar-1874 146
16 Guinness, Walter Edward 29-Mar-1880 140
17 Guinness, William Edward Feb-1957 63
18 Guinness de Capell Brooke, Alexander Edward May-1968 52

Alias or former names

None found.

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