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Current names

Name  Est. date
 of birth
 Est. age
in 2021
1 Wellesley, Arthur Charles (1849) 15-Mar-1849 172
2 Wellesley, Arthur Charles (1876) 9-Jun-1876 145
3 Wellesley, Arthur Charles Valerian 19-Aug-1945 76
4 Wellesley, Charles 16-Jan-1808 213
5 Wellesley, Charles (1955-10) Oct-1955 66
6 Wellesley, Edmond Ernest Charles 25-Apr-1858 163
7 Wellesley, Frederick Charles Sep-1992 29
8 Wellesley, Henry Richard Charles 17-Jun-1804 217
9 Wellesley, Philip Vernon Charles 10-Jun-1921 100
10 Wellesley, Robin Charles Ashmore Mar-1931 90
11 Wellesley, William Henry Charles 14-Feb-1813 208

Alias or former names

None found.

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