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Rep=Representative, RO=Responsible Officer. A person without a starting date was in that role since at least 1-Apr-2003 when the current register began.

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Organisation Role Activity From Until
1 Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong Limited Rep Advising on corporate finance 2007-07-19 2009-09-17
Rep Dealing in securities 2007-07-19 2009-09-17
2 DELOITTE & TOUCHE CORPORATE FINANCE LIMITED Rep Advising on corporate finance 2011-02-07 2011-08-31
Rep Dealing in securities 2011-02-07 2011-08-31
3 Joy Silver Limited Rep Advising on corporate finance 2009-12-15 2010-07-28
Rep Dealing in securities 2009-12-15 2010-07-28
RO Advising on corporate finance 2010-07-28 2010-12-31
RO Dealing in securities 2010-07-28 2010-12-31
4 VBG Capital Limited Rep Asset management 2010-07-20 2010-12-31
5 VC CAPITAL LIMITED Rep Advising on securities 2003-12-31
Rep Asset management 2003-12-31
Rep Advising on corporate finance 2004-03-11
Rep Dealing in securities 2004-03-11

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