Friday 9th March 2007

Dear Reader,

If you voted in our MPF poll, Thank you! If you haven't yet, please vote now. Your PIN number is shown at the top of this e-mail. The poll will close next Thursday at 18:00 HK Time. The next day, I will be talking about the poll results and the MPF on a local TV program, and I'll also submit the results to LegCo and the MPFA.

Now we are launching today's poll, on the Government's proposal to throw $300m at the local movie industry. Vote now!

Lights, camera...budget! (9-Mar-07)
We look at the recent history of HK Government intervention in the movie industry, the land grants involved, and the proposal to throw HK$300m of public money into private movie production. We urge LegCo to cut this scene from Hong Kong's script. Tell them what you think in our opinion poll.

Your opinion counts (5-Mar-07) is getting interactive, with the launch of an opinion polling system. We start with two polls, on the MPF and, for fun, on the Bigger Picture. Tell us what you think!

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David M Webb