Sunday 9th December 2007

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Time for just one more shareholder battle before Christmas...

Nam Tai restructuring proposals (9-Dec-07)
Nam Tai Electronics (NYSE:NTE) has proposed a complex restructuring involving its two HK-listed subsidiaries, JIC (0987) and NTEEP (2633), subject to independent shareholders' approval. editor David Webb is a significant holder of NTEEP shares. We give our voting opinion on all the transactions by both companies. The meeting is soon, so VOTE NOW.

The 2007 Christmas Pick (3-Dec-07)
Season's greetings to all our readers - time for Santa's annual stock pick. Last year's pick, Sino Golf (0361), under-performed, recording our first ever loss of 6.7% overall. Even so, over 8 years of picks, we've gained 669%, a compound average of 29.1% per year, while the HSI, despite the current bubble, has averaged 11.3%. So what are we putting under the Christmas tree this year? Read on...

Deutsche Bank's toxic derivatives (30-Nov-07)
Two years ago, we successfully deterred the issuance of further toxic convertibles by listed companies in Hong Kong. Now we find that another bank is peddling toxic derivatives to small listed companies, including three small, apparently cash-rich, HK-listed industrial companies from Fujian. Both sides are to blame. Listed companies should only use derivatives to reduce risk, not to increase it, and banks should not be selling such unsuitable and toxic products to unsophisticated clients.

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