Wednesday 24th December 2008

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Liquidators suspect fraud at Peace Mark
A court judgement published on Monday this week sheds some light on the situation found by the provisional liquidators at Peace Mark (0304). We expect the Police Commercial Crime Bureau to investigate. (24-Dec-2008)

Tycoons whinge over blackout period
Tycoons are making a last-minute effort to undo a HK Listing Rule change which will prohibit directors from dealing between the end of a financial period and the release of the results, starting from 1-Jan-09. The regulators should not U-turn. (23-Dec-2008)

The 2008 Christmas Pick
Season's greetings to all our readers - time for Santa Webb's annual stock pick. Last year's pick, Shinhint (2728), out-performed the HSI by 6.5% and, of course, lost money. Even so, over 9 years of picks, we've gained 358%, a compound average of 18.4% per year, while the HSI has averaged just 3.1%. So what are we putting under the Christmas tree this year? Read on...(17-Dec-2008)

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