Sunday 14th August 2011

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Capital VC (2324) and Longlife (8037)
Our analysis shows that a general offer may have been triggered for Longlife and possibly for Capital VC too. We look at the close relationship between the two and the people involved. We also ask how a person could continue to act as director of a valuer, issuing valuation opinions for numerous listed companies, without disclosing that he was bankrupt at the time. (14-Aug-2011)

HSBC's StockMax becomes StockMin
It was a false dawn for retail investors - the SFC has caved in to pressure and amended the license conditions of HSBC's Stockmax Crossing platform to restrict it to "professional investors" only. History will prove them wrong. (14-Aug-2011)

Ex-senior executive of ICBC (Asia) guilt of bribery
ICAC, 13-Aug-2011

Value Convergence (0821) lends HK$57m to Kaiser Asset Management Ltd
Company announcement, 11-Aug-2011
The announcement does not say where the borrower is incorporated, but no such company is incorporated in HK. It may be an offshore company not carrying on business here. The owner of the borrower is not disclosed.

Dream (1126): the order we announced on 7-Oct-2010 for H1 of 2011 was delayed
Company announcement, 9-Aug-2011
Surely it must have been obvious to them months ago that a significant part, or all, of this important order would not be delivered in H1 as previously announced, yet they failed to update the market until 40 days after the period ended.

SFC seeks leave to appeal Hontex ruling
SFC, 8-Aug-2011

COL Capital (0383) lends HK$53m to Yuen Hoi Po, Chairman of Media China (0419)
Company announcement, 4-Aug-2011

SFC v Hontex (0946)
HK Court of First Instance, 2-Aug-2011

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