Monday 29th September 2014

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Greetings from the Democratic People's Republic of Hong Kong, or DPRHK, possibly the only place in the world which attempts to combine freedom of speech, media and assembly with authoritarian rule, and is now proving that it is an unsustainable combination.

The highway guide to the Umbrella Revolution of 2014
What's going on in HK? Here is our quick illustrated guide. (29-Sep-2014)

What do investors want? Views from an activist investor
These are the slides from a presentation by David Webb to investor relations professionals in HK today at the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI, USA) "Wisdom Roadshow" hosted by IPREO. (26-Sep-2014)

Webb keynote: Challenges for China - beyond minority listings of SOEs
YouTube, 19-Sep-2014
At the Centre for Accounting Research & Education (CARE) Conference, Hong Kong Polytechnic, 10-Jun-2014

Court convicts Mr Tam Kwok Pui for unlicensed investment management
SFC, 26-Sep-2014

Trio in court for alleged HK$745k services contracts fraud
ICAC, 25-Sep-2014

Ex-PCCW executive admits accepting HK$1.7m in bribes
ICAC, 25-Sep-2014

Liu Chen Mei Huan v Silver Faith Holdings Ltd, Ng Man Sun & Ng Wai Yee
HK Court of First Instance, 22-Sep-2014
A case involving the people behind Amax (0959).

Jail terms up to 6.5 years for laundering HK$230m in Natural Dairy (0462) case
ICAC, 19-Sep-2014 

Research head Gong Yueyue charged with taking bribe for report on China Household (0692)
ICAC, 19-Sep-2014
Mr Gong is a Responsible Officer of Orient Securities (HK) Ltd. We wonder who allegedly paid him the bribe.

Webb on "Backchat" re super-rich and inequality
RTHK, 17-Sep-2014

SFC suspends Eric Shum Kam Chi, ex-SHK, for 3 years over Sino-Life (8296) IPO sponsorship failures
SFC, 16-Sep-2014
According to Webb-site Total Returns, the stock has lost 77.5% since its first day of trading on 9-Sep-2009 (9-9-9). In search of a more propitious name, we suggest the funeral services company renames itself Sino-Death. In Jan-2014, Sun Hung Kai was fined HK$12m and suspended from corporate finance advisory services for 1 year.

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