Wednesday 1st October 2014

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The sweltering heat will soon give way to perfect autumn weather for a long-duration protest, unless Beijing acts, one way or the other. Let's hope it does the right thing, which we suggest below. A forcible crackdown on the protests would be in nobody's interest, including Beijing's.

Webb on "Backchat" re the pro-democracy protests
RTHK, 1-Oct-2014
In this program (at about 10m25s), we suggest a face-saving way out for Beijing: following the procedures it devised in 2004, it can say that the "Actual Situation in HK" has changed, or that it was misadvised on the Actual Situation, and the CE of HK can file a new report to Beijing on the Actual Situation, proposing retention of the 1/8 nomination threshold that allows genuine choice. Beijing could still reserve the power to reject the elected candidate.

The highway guide to the Umbrella Revolution of 2014
What's going on in HK? Here is our quick illustrated guide. (29-Sep-2014)

What do investors want? Views from an activist investor
These are the slides from a presentation by David Webb to investor relations professionals in HK today at the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI, USA) "Wisdom Roadshow" hosted by IPREO. (26-Sep-2014)

Webb keynote: Challenges for China - beyond minority listings of SOEs
YouTube, 19-Sep-2014
At the Centre for Accounting Research & Education (CARE) Conference, Hong Kong Polytechnic, 10-Jun-2014

John Simpson's reflections on Hong Kong
BBC, 1-Oct-2014
"Universal suffrage means what it says on the tin" - UK Deputy PM Nick Clegg

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