Friday 24th November 2017

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Submission on Capital Raisings by Listed Issuers
Webb-site responds to HKEX's consultation which, while positive, ignores several key issues and does not go far enough in others. Have your say! (24-Nov-2017)

Updated with response from Gatecoin CEO:
How one thing leads to another
Starting with an investigation into the banking problems of a digital token exchange, we follow the trail of the people behind a Vanuatu Bank and a series of questionable transactions on London's AIM. (22-Nov-2017)

The CE's damaging tax proposals: a better approach
The Government proposes distortive gimmicks and loopholes rather than addressing structural issues. Public expenditure has grown faster than GDP, breaching the Basic Law. Revenues have grown even faster, draining capital from the economy. Time to return it. A flat rate of 10% for Profits Tax and Salaries Tax is entirely affordable. What is R&D anyway? New armies of tax consultants and assessors do not make our economy more productive. (24-Oct-2017)

SFC suspends First Credit Finance (8215) - another member of the Enigma Network
SEHK, 24-Nov-2017

HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA fined HK$400m for systemic failures in selling Lehman crap
SFC, 21-Nov-2017

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