Friday 12th January 2018

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What a productive Christmas we had...

Webb-site Who's Who covers HK solicitors
After a lot of coding over Christmas pudding and more than a dash of brandy butter, we are pleased to launch a new section of our database, monitoring HK lawyers. Now you can answer questions such as: Which are the biggest law firms? Who is the longest-practising solicitor? Who moved jobs this month? How many were admitted in other jurisdictions before or after HK? How many HK solicitors work for the SFC? (12-Jan-2018)

Belts and Burqas
Shortly before Christmas, the HK Financial Secretary announced the birth of the first Belt and Road bond in HK, the latest in a line of financial gimmicks designed to avoid meaningful regulatory reforms. (10-Jan-2018)

Webb on Reuters TV re second-class shares and Communist Party strategy
Reuters, 10-Jan-2018

Ex-Centaline & HKP agents in court for alleged fraud and theft
ICAC, 10-Jan-2018

SFC fines Mr Wu Hon Cheung HK$50k
SFC, 9-Jan-2018
Mr Wu failed to record voice instructions on a recorder, and failed to record order details in a manual trade blotter. He has since moved on from Sun Hung Kai Securities to China Industrial Securities.

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