After a lot of coding over Christmas pudding and more than a dash of brandy butter, we are pleased to launch a new section of our database, monitoring HK lawyers. Now you can answer questions such as: Which are the biggest law firms? Who is the longest-practising solicitor? Who moved jobs this month? How many were admitted in other jurisdictions before or after HK? How many HK solicitors work for the SFC?

Webb-site Who's Who covers HK solicitors
12 January 2018

Many Webb-site users will be familiar with Webb-site Who's Who (WWW), HK's leading database on companies, organisations and people. WWW includes, amongst other things, all HK-listed company directors since 1990 and all SFC-licensed firms and people since 1-Apr-2003 when the Securities and Futures Ordinance took effect. We also include all members of the HKSAR Election Committee since inception in 1996, the Executive Council, Legislative Council, District Councils since 1999, the Judiciary, and the members of all HK statutory and advisory bodies.

Today, we are pleased to launch coverage and analysis of HK solicitors and their firms, using data collected from the Law List published by the Law Society (which, for the avoidance of doubt, has not given us any special access). This was a difficult project programmed by your Editor fuelled by a lot of Christmas pudding, given that the Law Society web pages do not have consistent identity codes for each lawyer and firm (they keep renumbering), also given that surnames and given names are not shown separately and names of law firms are often shown back-to-front.

Here is a brief guide to the pages launched today. In each page, click column headings to sort the tables.

The database will be updated regularly, and after a period of time we will be able to show time-series data such as the number of solicitors in each law firm over time, so we will add those features. In the meantime, if you have any additional feature requests, let us know.

We encourage all professional bodies in whose professionals the public places its trust to be more transparent with their professional registers. We would, for example, like to produce a similar analysis of professional accountants, but their affiliations are not published by the HKICPA, so we cannot tell you what the headcount, turnover rate or experience of people working at audit firms is.

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