Tuesday 1st May 2018

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Justice is blind, except for haircuts
The Court of Appeal rules that a prison order requiring men to have short hair and allowing women to choose is not discriminatory, because of societal norms for haircuts. We find substantial flaws in this reasoning. We also find that the UK rule which HK inherited was amended by 1999 to remove the discrimination, something that Long Hair's lawyers appear to have overlooked. (1-May-2018)

Carrie Lam's latest assault on free markets
The Government is threatening to broaden rather than repeal a restriction on the resale of event tickets in HK, a restriction which is probably unconstitutional anyway. This runs against the interests of event organisers and performers who benefit from the secondary market as we explain. It also runs against the broader public interest in consumer choice. Let the market function, and repeal section 6 of the POPE Ordinance. What next - a restriction on reselling wine or IPO shares for a profit? (17-Apr-2018)

SFC fines CN Capital Management Ltd & Responsible Officers HK$1.2m
SFC, 24-Apr-2018

Ex-MTRC manager jailed for HK$580k design service payments fraud
ICAC, 20-Apr-2018

Teresa Pong Seong & others v Norman Chan
HK Court of First Instance, 19-Apr-2018
Dr Norman Chan Wing Hing is jailed for 1 month for failing to pay the costs in a case he lost surrounding a dispute with neighbours at 34 Braga Circuit, Kadoorie Hill, Kowloon. The court finds that he transferred the shares in his clinic, Gallop Medical Centre Ltd, to his wife to avoid payment.

Ex-Centaline supervisor charged with accepting HK$1.2m kickback from junior over property transaction
ICAC, 16-Apr-2018
The residential transaction on Conduit Road was "over HK$590m" - that's probably Flat A on 46/F (the top floor) of 39 Conduit Road, which went for HK$594.76m or $107,435 per saleable sq ft. Nothing else on Conduit Road comes close to that price.

HKSAR v Jack Chen Keen, Hao May (fka Wang May Yan) & Eric Yee Wenjye
HK Court of Appeal, 16-Apr-2018
The trio lose their appeal against conviction in the Natural Dairy (NZ) case, in a mammoth 260-page judgment after a 10-day appeal hearing. The judges are critical of leading counsel for the 3 appellants for "swamping the Court with inconsequential argument and material that serves to obfuscate and distract." They were Clare Montgomery, QC, Ian Winter, QC, Graham Harris, SC and Edward Fitzgerald, QC.

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